Tuesday, August 14, 2012


What the fudge, I haven't updated in ages and you guys still come to my blog every day, keeping the number up? How the hell does that work, why do you even come here?! :D Hahah, don't get me wrong, I'm incredibly flattered but also very confused, at the moment this blog is about as dead as Einstein himself, but blogspot keeps showing me ratings that grow almost every day. Maybe I should keep this silent treatment going, seems to boost my ratings? Hahaha, aaanyways....

I have been incredibly busy at the stable as you can imagine, so there's not much time left over to blog, not to mention doing something worth blogging about. The only "outside the stable" - moments I've had during the past month have been when I slept over at a friend's place over a week ( since my room over here at the stable was occupied by guests ) and when I drove to Ekenäs with my dearest, sweetest, most perfect Siiri. <3 Siiri had the car for a day, so she drove to Lohja, picked me up and then we headed off to Ekenäs for our annual Ekenäs ice cream hang-out.  It was great, since I absolutely love Ekenäs and love sitting there at the beach and just talking about everything. I am going to miss Siiri so insanely much, now that I realized she'll be gone for 3 fucking years. Man, that's a long time. Whoah, shit just got real.....

A picture Siiri snapped  of me with my phone when we decided to
go for a quick swim in Ekenäs. With our clothes on... at 10 o'clock
in the evening.... in freezing water. It was worth it!

My life has been quite boring otherwise, I just do stable stuff, talk about horse stuff with other horse people and ride horses whenever I have the time. So nothing worth mentioning here exactly unless you want to bored out of your mind.
My plans for the fall are still wiiiide open, even if I have a couple of crazy.... ideas, perhaps? But I haven't decided anything yet and my time is slowly running out. Woopsie. But hey, whatever, you gotta make mistakes to learn from them and to have the something to correct. or something. I was trying to sound smart but I have a feeling I'm a little bit too tired for that so I'mma head to bed.

Goodnight you all, and keep checking in here, make me happy! You popping in here every now and then always makes my day when I log on to check my emails! :)
xo B

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