Thursday, October 25, 2012


Whoa, it's been so long since my last update that my browser didn't even remember my URL?!
Now that is some lousy blogging!

But in all fairness, not much has happened in my life recently so I don't see the point in me updating "woke up, rode some horses, got frustrated at customers, ate dinner on the couch and watched some TV with the dogs before going to bed" day in day out. Not that interesting aye?

The only "interesting" thing that has happened lately is that Agnes, the dog you might have heard about in the blog or on Facebook earlier, got quite badly kicked in the head yesterday. :( She was walking thru the enclosure with me when a couple of mares came running out from the shelter and in the whim of the moment, one of the mares bucked as hard as she could, hitting Agnes right in the face/neck and sent her flying two or three meters. I have never, I repeat, never, been so afraid and sure that I'd just seen something die! Agnes lied perfectly still, with blood running from her face and with her neck in the most terrifying angle which looked like she had just had her neck snapped. She didn't breath, and for about 15 seconds I was convinced she was dead. I started crying and yelling for help, and just as Satu was coming over, Agnes sat up and seemed to gain her breath. Satu set off to the vet with her, and thankfully, it turned out Agnes had survived with just a cut eyelid and a concussion.
Even if this incident ended happily, I swear to God, I never want to see that dog near horses, ever again! I was shaking and trembling the entire time Satu was at the vet's, until she called and told me Agnes would be fine.
Agntenna herself. I'm quite sure she's trying to
receive inter-galactical messages with that thing...

So that's that, thankfully Agnes is sitting next to me right now, happily waving her tail at me as a sign to scratch her ear. I really want to continue watching HIMYM now, so goodnight and 'till next time! ( which might be a while again but shhhh, nobody needs to know. )

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